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Zamykanie serwerów wow

Wiele się słyszy na Global Chat o zamykaniu serwerów pirackich przez Blizzard. Jedni uważają to za plotki, inni za prawdę. Kogo to interesuje, niech poczyta poniższe info, oraz list wysłany do jednego z popularnych serwerów.


Finally, I've seen many unofficial forums stating the blizzard 
is now taking down illegal popular server sites.
We may get more subscribers.
Here is the current list, because they have been shutdown 
it is legal for me to say there full names. 
You can visit each one of theese for proof.

Toxic Wow
Chaos Crusade
WoW Scape
WoW Gasm

A tu wątek skopiowany bezpośrednioo z AniWow:


    Update (12/04/08): We're sorry to inform our users (you) 
that our "World of Warcraft" server will be closed, 
due to a "legal DMCA" complain letter from 
"Blizzard Entertainment Inc".

    We've received the letter this morning, 
and it's been confirmed to be real, 
we have to get rid of all "World of Warcraft" 
content within 24/hours, and for obvious reasons 
we have agreed to cooperate with this 
DMCA letter and close "AniWoW" down...

    Blizzard Entertainment is taking serious action to 
    take down all unauthorized private "WoW" game 
    servers/and or content related to "illegal use of 
    emulators" within the next days...

    - This isn't just for us, all private servers will 
    eventually receive this letter, as there's a huge 
    list of private servers listed in the DMCA letter...

    We sincerely ask you to please take this 
under moderation, and NOT to blame Blizzard for their actions. 
They deserve the right to do what they did.

    It's been a fun time, and we appreciate and thanks all 
our users for the support and cooperation in making 
our community a fun place for everyone. This however, 
have come to a end... 
and we believe this to be our final good bye.

    (We'll be opening a "community" forum, NOT related to 
"World of Warcraft" within the few days. So if you still want 
to keep in touch with members from our previous community, 
we'd like to ask you to stay tuned for more information 
regarding this notice).

    AniWoW ( 1 Years, 6 Months, 4 days... )
    May 10, 2007 - December 04, 2008...

    Once again, thank you all! *drops a tear*
    - Kyuu, AniMMORPG Founder.

A tu list jaki dostali:
http://img78.imageshack.us/img78/9875/a … rcwlx3.jpg

Taką akcję pamiętam, była już kiedyś. wszyscy panikowali, a jak się skończyła? Serwery zmieniły nazwy, realmy idziałają do dziś... A jak będzie teraz, zobaczymy.





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Re: Zamykanie serwerów wow

a ja słyszałem że zamykają serwery ale te z dodatkiem a nasz zostawią ... to tyle co ja słyszałem xD więc narazie się nie obawiam ;p



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Re: Zamykanie serwerów wow

no ja  słyszałem o jakimś szpiegu w nowym dodatku

Relgul -hunter 70lvl ///   Ahiah-szaman 70 lvl ///  Ksiuncpl-warrior 70 lvl /// Quellyn-priest 70 lvl ///  Ksesny-paladyn 70 lvl (już )



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Re: Zamykanie serwerów wow

W #%&$ lecą:D przynajmniej mam taka nadzieje;/ No nic przynajmniej mam powód żeby sie więcej pouczyć:D A nie tylko maniaczyć w WoWa;D

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